Deepfall Dungeon


A classic first-person RPG


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Deepfall Dungeon is a quintessential first-person RPG where you enter a dungeon and then have to work your way down to the lowest level in order to find a way out and escape certain death.

You will, however, encounter all sorts of obstacles and setbacks along the way. The most common, as usual for games like this, will be the monsters that you'll be able to fight off using both your weapons and your magic. Traps can also prove to be a problem you should take into serious consideration.

As you enter further into the dungeon, you'll also find characters who aren’t enemies and whom you can talk to and trade with ... or steal from. It's not all sword thrusts and fireballs in Deepfall Dungeon.

At the technical level, the game isn't that spectacular, but it does the job. Neither the soundtrack nor the graphics stand out in any significant way, but then again they're really not that essential to this type of game.

Deepfall Dungeon is a pretty good RPG that, in spite of not reaching the level of quality found in similar recent games like Legend of Grimrock, does manage to offer a very enjoyable experience without having to pay any money at all.
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